Episode 14: Let’s Lighten Up A Bit & Dogs vs. Kids.

New month, new theme! This month we will be discussing some of the most notorious international women. Sarah describes the ‘au naturale’ remedies produced by Leonarda Cianciulli, in order to prevent her destined future laid out by supernatural predictions. Tiffany then dives into the twisted and manipulative mind of Myra Hindley, who’s one true love was Puppet…and not the man she’d killed for.

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 13: They Gon’ Get You & xoxo Preppy Killer.

You don’t wanna miss your dose of Part II about Dr. Sebi! Sarah connects his case to various other current affairs and stuff gets wild. Meanwhile…

Spotted– In Central Park, Robert Chambers hiding in the bushes.

(you know you love us: Nefarious Gals!)

**If Conspiracies ain’t yo thang, then tune in at the 37 minute mark to find some closure.

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 12: Alkaline Magic & Going Once, Twice, 3 Times You’re Gone.

Things get amped up this week as we present to you our first ever, two-parter!! Sarah brings the ‘fascinating’ theories of Dr.Sebi, the alkaline herbalist who’s work is highly controversial. Tiffany then gives at turn by turn recounting of the night the entire Salomon family dissapears, as explained by a sketchy auto trader with an even more concerning past.

**If conspiracies ain’t yo thang, tune in after the introduction/weekly updates at the 44 minute mark to hear Tiff’s perplexing case!

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 11 : 69 Problems & A Princess Ain’t One.

Feeling skeptical yet? What’s not in question is the horrid crimes committed by Colin Ireland, as Sarah enlightens us on. Tiff then navigates through the winding turns about the death os Princess Diana of Wales. What’s even more wild, is the man behind it all!

**If conspiracies ain’t yo thang, tiff starts at the 49 minute mark. So listen to the first half, life upadtes (hint/hint BIG life announcement!) and Sarah’s true crime story.

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 10 : A Hypnotic Sullen Artist & The Window Full of Brothers.

This month’s theme “runs” away from us as Sarah meticulously recounts the sordid past and questionable future of Adolf Hitler; are the conspiracies true? While around the same time, there were the mysterious murders of the Hinterkaifeck family on their secluded yet frequented farm.

**If conspiracies ain’t yo thang, just skip forward to the 55 minute marker after all the chit chat ends to hear tiff’s true crime story!

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 9 : Frozen Rat Snacks & Vroom-Vroom, Boom-Boom.

Finishing off our workplace theme for the month, Sarah brings the chills with the story of Richard Leaonard Kuklinski, a former Mafia member. Tiffany revs up the action with her recounting of the crimes committed by Yves “Apache” Trudeau, a ruthless biker. For these men, killing is their workplace.

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.