We are two gals who met over ten years ago and eventually flourished into besties! We spent FAR too long making pizza and decided let’s start delivering something new… nefarious stories back and forth!

And so this podcast was born.

EP.21 “Never Let A Person Sit Alone” & Clairvoyant Kesha.

Sarah discusses the devastating stories of two travel seeking backpackers, Hannah Witheridge & David Miller. Murdered on a beach located in a place now dubbed, ‘Death Island’. These young adventurers had spent their time traveling around the world but unfortunately this Thai beach would end that journey. 

Tiffany then tries to compress the bizarre connections some might call “coincidences”, in the story of Claire Hough’s murder. A young girl with a free spirit who was in San Diego to spend some time with grandparents. The persons of interest who become suspects but never find themselves convicted may be eerily connected to more than just Claire. 

Music By Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 20 : Pimp My Uber & Gambling With Lives

Continuing with our Summer theme this week, Sarah recounts the Bruce Beresford-Redman “story”. He began an affair with a co worker and shortly after his wife found out, her body was found near the hotel the family was staying at, on the vacation meant to bring them closer together. Did the ex-Survivor producer do it?

And Tiffany follows up with part 2 on Joran Van Der Schloot, recounting the events leading up to and after Stephany Flores Ramirez’ body was found in a hotel. She was on a hot streak, leading to big wins but did her luck run out? Or did Joran Van Der Schloot, hungry with greed, have a mental break on the anniversary of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance?

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 19: Man Friends & Constant Diversions

New month, new theme! As things begin heating up here in California, we try to escape the weather by traveling on summer vacation…at least in our stories. Sarah tries to map the geographical connections between the 1973 murders of Janice Pietropola and Lynn Seethaler. Recent breaks in the case have linked an 80 year old Ernest Broadnoax to the case…potential killer?

Tiffany then tries to unravel the web of lies and pointing fingers that occurs after Natalee Holloway misses her flight home from her vacation in Aruba. The wild goose chase and hope for an answer are dangled in front of her parents…. but who really was the last man to see her?

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 18: The O.G. Witch & Boy Bye.

Wrapping up our femme fatale theme, we try to understand the trance casted upon innocent Colombians in the retelling of heinous crimes committed by Maria Concepcion Ladino.  Then Tiff digs up what she can about the murder of Farah Noor by the Scissor Sisters, Linda and Charlotte Mulhall. 

Music created by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license. 

Episode 17: The New Y2K & Halloween Pink Milkshakes

After tiff gets past the odd encounter of her midday lunch, Sarah tells us the story of Mariam Soulakiotis; a member of the Calendurist cult that believes in orthodox Christianity with time to spare. While Tiffany plays the devils advocate trying to help explain the defense of someone who seems completely defenseless, in the story of Nancy Kissel…but is that really the end of the mystery for the Kissel family?!?

Music by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 16: The Babysitter Club of Death & A Golden Ticket.

Eye-roll your way through the story of Jeanne Weber with us as Sarah describes the woman notorious for receiving second chances that always led to a dreadful ending. Tiffany gives us the details of the wild tempered Katherine Knight, infamous in Australia for more than her heinous crime, as she became the first female to ever e given a life sentence without parole.

Music created by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.

Episode 15: Epileptic Vampire & Japanese Kim Possible.

“I want to suck your blood…or maybe just wear it”. Listen in as Sarah lists all the terrible actions of Countess Elizabeth Bathroy de Ecsed. The Hungarian ruler who puts girl power to shame. Tiffany then stretches into the dark and scary world of folklore, facing one of her fears, with the story of Kuchisake Onna.

Music created by Keinzweiter, under creative commons license.